“They have no evidence against her—no fingerprints, no DNA.  My client was not on the scene."

--Forde’s Defense Attorney, to Armelle Vincent, French Journalist
The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde is composed of socially responsible core conservative Christians and others who are maintaining the integrity of justice because the media cannot be trusted.

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Summary of Issues in Shawna's Case
Shawna Forde is the National Director of Minutemen American Defense, a group she founded to promote national security and to preserve American sovereignty.  Operating primarily on the Arizona-Mexico border, she made both friends and enemies.  In her quest to expose and document governmental and individual corruption on the border, she became a target of corrupt elements within DHS and the Pima County Sheriffs Office.  A drug cartel hit was made on an Arivaca family involved with a drug cartel on May 30, 2009, and despite there being a lack of evidence of Shawna being there, she was just "inserted" into the case, and the government-media complex began bleating outrageous lies about her alleged involvement.  Because of Shawna's efforts to expose border trafficking, both Sheriff Dupnik and the anti-Minutemen media claimed that she had concocted the murder and robbery of a known narcotics trafficker to fund her efforts to expose human and drug traffickers at the border!   This outrageous claim and other lies have been widely disseminated by the media to smear Shawna, Minutemen, and other patriots.

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