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Shawna's message to friends and Minutemen:

I love you!  Please have the courage and faith in who you know me to be, as I am 100% innocent! Go to the website: justiceforshawnaforde.com for updates.  There is a lot that will come out in my trial, and before it.  It is not just Shawna Forde on trial, but the ENTIRE MOVEMENT!  I will prove my innocence, even if the charges are not dropped (although they should be).  The extremist media would have you believe I am a child-killer; I am NOT capable of murdering a CHILD!  This case is a complete "set up," and I am the “fall guy.”  You can take 20 people, selectively edit their statements to come out as negative and print it to make a villain, but if you give it a positive spin, you have a hero!  Don’t believe the mainstream media--look DEEP; and you will find the truth!  As time progresses, you will see some heavy hitters standing by me, as the entire world watches the Minutemen on trial.

Information for this FAQ was provided by Shawna Forde herself and her friends.  Shawna says this about her "family:" 

“Having grown up with no real family, at age 20 I found my biological family.  I went to them hoping to feel some sense of belonging, to be loved, and it took me awhile to find out how dysfunctional and toxic they are.  I’ve only spent a day or two visiting them on a yearly basis, and they do not KNOW ME as they claim they do.  Two of them are fanatically religious, and I cannot and do not even discuss politics with them.  In retrospect, I am sad that I found them, as they, over the years, have taken far more from me than they have given.”


Why does Shawna’s biological mother, from whom she was removed by Child Protective Services, seem so negative about her?
Rena Caudle, Redding CA Resident

Shawna helped her mother out financially until very recently, but had to stop, she said, because of her mother’s "toxic emotional issues."   Abused as a child herself, Rena Caudle claims she went to the psychotherapist when she discovered that she was treating her daughters badly.  By then, Shawna had been out of her care for more than 2 decades.  Over the course of years, Caudle gave birth to 9 children, some out of wedlock, with 5 different men. 

This monster neglected Shawna, her daughter, so badly that at age 4, Shawna weighed only 20 pounds, had club feet from never having proper-sized shoes, and had had no childhood vaccinations.    Additionally, during the brief time Shawna spent with Rena and her husband, Ken Caudle, she was beaten so badly by her stepfather with a belt that she was frequently covered with deep bruises and welts.  Ken Caudle later admitted he beat her so hard that he felt like he was "possessed." 
All of this occurred when Shawna was under age 4.

Rena filed a restraining order against her son, Merrill Metzger, and reported him to the police because she was afraid of him.    Caudle has made false police reports on all of her 9 estranged children at one time or another. 

When Caudle's youngest son, Jeremy, was in the hospital dying of cancer, her husband, Ken Caudle, was busy at home using his male member to "inappropriately touch" her daughter Danita, who has been scarred for life by her childhood molestation. 

Rena Caudle seems to create dissension wherever she goes.  As a Jehovah's Witness, she has been repeatedly thrown out of various Kingdom Halls, but she always seems to find another one to take her in.

The bottom line is that for this abuse and neglect, these devout Jehovah's Witness biological family of Shawna's should be in prison!
Why is Shawna's half-brother, Merrrill Metzger, so unkind to Shawna?

Merrill Metzger, Redding CA

Shawna describes her brother Merrill as a troubled individual.  His half-sister, Melanie, confronted him in 2009 for molesting her as a child and subsequently forgave him for what she refers to as "inappropriate touching." *   His own mother had a restraining order out on him for a year because she feared for her life. 
At one time, Merrill indicated interest in M.A.D., but he was rejected after a background check turned up a conviction for domestic violence. and it was discovered that he's been selling dope.  Shawna says he's looking for his "15 minutes of fame," and that the media won't pay attention to him unless he says something bad about her.

He's been accused of being a child molester and of possessing/selling child pornography.

Merrill is an avowed pot smoker.  He receives SSI, and receives free rent and under-the-table wages for work he performs.  He was thrown out of the Jehovah's Witnesses due to his bizarre behavior.  One of his sons is in prison, and another son fled the home because of abuse. 

Metzger has threatened other witnesses in Shawna 's case, including her daughter, and the members of the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde.

Did Shawna tell Merrill that if he joined M.A.D. he couldn’t even eat Mexican food?

No.  In fact, Shawna likes Mexican food!   Shawna typically did not talk about her political work or her border ops during the few hours she spent visiting Merrill or Rena per year.  And when Merrill recorded her without her knowledge, he violated California law, for which he can be prosecuted.  If he shared that tape with reporter Scott North, as is claimed, then both of them are in violation of California and Washington laws, and could be prosecuted for felonies.


FAQs Shawna's History

Was Shawna a juvenile delinquent?

Yes.  Shawna was made an emancipated minor by Washington state at the age of 14.  Unable to work, and with no steady place to go, she was exploited by the streets, and she had trouble with the law.  She did not commit any crimes of violence, however. 

Is Shawna a convicted felon?

Only as a troubled juvenile.  Shawna has had no arrests for crimes since the age of 18, except for the now infamous but petty incident with the chocolate milk. 

Is Shawna a shoplifter?

No.  The “chocolate milk” incident, which has been blown out of proportion, was a politically-motivated false arrest.  It is no coincidence that it occurred right after Shawna announced her candidacy for City Council in 2007.  Shawna went to her local grocery store with a friend, picked up a carton of chocolate milk, and walked into an open Starbuck’s kiosk INSIDE THE STORE to buy a cup of coffee.  A store employee walked up to her and physically grabbed her arm, and forcefully pulled her into the manager’s office.  He said she had not paid for the chocolate milk, and accused her of stealing, although she had not yet exited the store, and therefore was not guilty of a crime.  He said she was arrested for shoplifting, and refused her polite requests to be allowed to pay for it and to leave.  Under all existing state laws, a person cannot be arrested for shoplifting unless that person has EXITED the store with the product in hand and has not paid for it.  The store violated the law, and could likely be sued by Shawna for false arrest.  At the arraignment, the Prosecutor in the case, Christian Smith, shockingly called Shawna a “racist, nazi, and KKK leader” in open court.  The date set for Shawna’s trial, which probably would have resulted in her acquittal, conflicted with a previous engagement she had made in Arizona, and considering the bias of the court, Shawna pleaded No Contest, not admitting guilt, just to dispose of the charge and to get on with her life.  

Did Shawna have her husband shot because she was desperate for money, as Scott North has implied?
No.  Shawna loved her husband and didn’t want anything financial from him.  She gave up any interest in the property they jointly owned, and their divorce was amicable.  There is no evidence Shawna had anything to do with him being attacked. 


Did Shawna orchestrate the thefts from her half-brother and one of her mother’s friends in California?

No; in fact, she wasn’t even in the area at the time.  According to a knowledgeable source, no evidence connects her to the crimes, and no charges will be filed against her in California.

Why haven’t we heard much of anything from Shawna’s children or her other friends?

The media prefers negativity, so even when friends and professionals who know Shawna have gone to the Everett Herald and said positive things about her, none of their comments have been printed.  Shawna’s family wants to keep their privacy, and considering the negative political climate, they know anything positive they said would be turned and twisted into something negative about Shawna.  Considering that Shawna’s husband was shot, and that Shawna was beaten, raped and shot, both of them most likely by a drug cartel, most people who know her are simply afraid to speak out, as they do not want to put their lives in danger. 

Why does Shawna feel as if Scott North is her own personal stalker?

Could if be because North shares offices with La Raza and writes to fit their pre-set agenda, and smearing Shawna Forde is just part of the process?

*This email from Melanie Aranda had been withheld, but it is being shared now in the interests of truth and justice:

Mel Aranda


[email protected]


”Mommie Dearest”


Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 9:12 AM


response to your wrong article








You say that my brother raped me, this is not true. Yes there was some inappropriate touching for which he has apologized for and that I accepted from him. I have forgiven him for this.  He was just a kid himself at the time.


Melanie Aranda




Shawna Forde is a 42 year old mother of 2 from Everett Washington who has been an active participant in the Minuteman movement to secure America’s borders since 2004.  She has also been a political activist in other causes and worked as a community organizer for the Republican Party and acted as a campaign manager for a Chief of Police.


Shawna has led an interesting and varied life, and has worked at jobs requiring specialized skills.  For example, she was an FAA-Certified Aircraft Electrician for Boeing, and an entrepreneur who owned Northwest Rhythm, a company that promoted and booked musicians and their bands.  More recently, she worked as a hairdresser and as the Border Operations Coordinator for the Minuteman Project.


Shawna’s a “giver,” and she cares about people and their problems.  She has spent many hours volunteering her help to people with HIV, the homeless, and victims of domestic violence.  She has fostered children who needed good homes and added them to her family, as well as raising 5 stepchildren.  She has a very giving heart and looks out for those who are disadvantaged.


Shawna attended the Minuteman Project in April of 2005 and became hooked on the movement to preserve American sovereignty.  As time went on, she became more active in organizations like Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and spent more and more time at the border.  Shawna has always been a “doer,” not a keyboard warrior, and sometimes her ideas clashed with the large egos in the movement.  In 2007 she chose to form her own organization, Minutemen American Defense in order to run her own operations and apply her unique ideas.  In the previous 2 years, she worked with other organizations, including Patriots Border Alliance, American Border Patrol, and the Minuteman Project, until she became the border operations coordinator for MMP.  Shawna periodically issued reports on the border which were posted on the M.A.D. website and on other websites such as the Minuteman Project.  In September 2008, she predicted that it would only be a matter of time until "our Border Patrol agents are shot and killed on the spot. This prediction unfortunately came true with the death of Agent Robert Rosas in December 2009.


Shawna specialized in doing her own documentaries and in working with independent professionals.  Shawna knew media coverage of the border issues was essential and she did everything she could to encourage documentation of the human tragedies of drug and human trafficking.


On December 22, 2008, her husband John was shot by an unknown intruder in their home, and was badly wounded.

Within a week, Shawna was beaten and raped in the same house by persons unknown.  Shawna just assumed that the attacks had come from someone working for the drug cartels that didn’t want her poking around on the border into their business.  The M.A.D. Board of Directors was outraged that their leader had been attacked and encouraged her to take pictures of some of her injuries and to post them to warn others of the dangers of opposing the cartels.


Previously, leaders in other organizations had asked Shawna to raise funds for them, and she had declined, instead preferring to promote M.A.D.  Following her rape and beating in December 2009, Jeff Schwilk of San Diego Minutemen, and William Gheen of ALIPAC in North Carolina started saying that Shawna had “staged” the attack.  Just coincidentally, they were the ones who had asked her to be a fund-raiser for them!  Everett police never found the attackers of either Shawna Forde or her husband.  On January 15, 2009, Shawna was shot in the arm less than 5 blocks away from where she used to live, and ended up in the hospital.  Again, she thought it was a drug cartel hit.  She was accused of shooting herself by some very vicious people in the MM movement.


Prior to this, Shawna had worked well with all the other organizations in the movement, and had never uttered a negative word about anyone else.  She was proud of her ability to get along with everyone and to cooperate for the greater good of her country.

Scott North, a left-wing reporter with an agenda, working for the only newspaper in the working-class town of Everett, latched onto her story and did everything he could to ridicule and belittle Shawna, destroying her reputation through sly innuendo, selective reporting, slander, and outright lies.  He dug deeply into Shawna’s juvenile past to find dirt to smear her.  He went to every loser he could find who had had a grudge against her, and printed whatever they said, as long as it was negative.  He implied that Shawna had hired a hit man to kill her husband, that she had faked her rape and assault, and that she had even shot herself!  After being physically attacked and victimized twice in her hometown, Shawna was then brutalized by the media.


This was the beginning of Shawna’s downfall.  Outrageous gossip circulated and after numerous repetitions, people actually began to believe the biased media bilge.  By making her a Targeted Individual, (with the help of phony “patriot” traitors), the media and the left-wing political establishment had softened her up and made her even more vulnerable to attack.  By the time she had left for Arizona, her public image was so badly damaged and weakened that she was a prime candidate for exploitation, and 6 months later, Pima County and DHS saw fit to unjustly insert her into a heinous murder in which she had no part.


In April of 2009, she began M.A.D. border operations in southern Arizona, doing deep reconnaissance on drug and human trafficking through the southern portions of Pima County, the most heavily Mexico-influenced county in Arizona.  On May 30, intruders entered the home of a known narcotics trafficker in Arivaca, AZ, killed him, his 10 year old daughter, and wounded his wife.  Shawna heard about this and sent out emails telling others that the drug cartel violence in Mexico was getting so bad that it was crossing the border into the United States.


In June Shawna sent an email to Steve Eichler and Jim Gilchrist to announce her new film documentary project in Arizona:


I would like to let everyone know that we are in full operation—we have people coming from Florida and other parts of the country to assist in gathering exclusive footage of drug cartel smuggling and human trafficking.  We will expose and report what we know and find.


Please note that in this picture, taken at a Phoenix rally, Shawna is wearing a badge that says Documentary Team.  Below is a detail of that badge:

Less than 2 weeks later, Shawna had been arrested by the Pima County Sheriffs Office for what she thought had been a cartel hit in Arivaca. 


Members of the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde received the news of Shawna’s arrest in June the same time that everyone else did.  It took them almost 3 weeks to get over the shock.  When subjected to analysis, the "facts" of the case, as reported by the media, just didn't make sense.  Shawna's case smelled like an old fashioned Arizona "shake and bake" case.  Forty-one year old mothers of 2 who are former hairdressers typically don’t plan the murder of an entire family, especially when they have no history of committing violent acts.  A member of the Committee started writing to Shawna, who repeatedly declared, “I am innocent!” to her and others who she brought to visit. 


The Committee saw that Shawna needed help and promised her that they would  support her in her legal fight and advocate for her innocence.  The website was created, and the rest of Shawna’s story continues on it.


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