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Shawna needs an excellent death penalty appeals attorney.  If you are qualified, please contact us at webmaster at

Shawna's in serious trouble and needs help of all kinds.  She needs competent legal help, especially to either get her out of jail or to force the jail to stop violating her rights.  If you are a lawyer, please contact us ASAP by writing to the WebmasterVOLUNTEER TO HELP by leaving a voicemail on the Shawna Hotline 520-344-0413 or by emailing the webmaster.


Shawna needs spiritual help now more than ever.  She needs God's help, and the goodwill of His people everywhere.  Please pray for Shawna, send her positive energy, or do whatever your heart tells you to do.  We have a regular Prayer Circle for her every Wednesday and Sunday at 8 PM.


We need donations to help defray our costs.  Every collect phone call we accept from her costs $5, and gas to go visit her once a week runs $50, as there is no one located nearby to visit her, and we live 2-3 hours away.

Shawna needs some money for her Commissary needs, as the jail makes her buy everything, from coffee to clothing.  Shawna needs money to buy books.  All the books at the jail are only about murder and crime.  The best way to donate is to simply give through the website, so that we can allocate the money where it is most needed.

Good lawyers cost money, so anyone willing to donate to her legal defense fund, if we cannot find a pro bono attorney, will be regarded as an angel.  This is a very high profile murder case, so any attorney who wants to make a reputation for him/herself might want to look into it and see if there's an opportunity.

Clarence Dupnik                                                                                 AZ Gov. Jan Brewer

We need patriots to contact the AZ Governor, Jan Brewer, and , (Tel:  520-351-4600 [email protected] ) Shawna's jailer, and tell them torture is not acceptable in the State of Arizona.  It is time for a sea change in how we treat our accused in custody who are simply awaiting trial.  Patriots also need to mention that all of Shawna's Constitutional rights as a criminal defendant have been violated by the conditions imposed on her by her captors, including the right to a speedy trial, the right to reasonable bail, the right to be able to actively participate in her own defense, and the right to not have cruel and unusual punishment imposed on her prior to trial.

We have been told that the one thing that elected officials hate the most is PHONE CALLS.  Emails can be easily deleted, and postal letters provide great documentation
of complaints.

Here is a sample letter which you can use to alert others to the barbaric and unconstitutional conditions under which Shawna Forde is held.  Feel free to use it, or make up your own.  Please put the subject: 
Torture is Illegal--Shawna Forde in Pima Co Jail!

I am concerned about the mistreatment of Shawna Forde, inmate #090612121 at the PimaCounty Adult Detention Center in Tucson.  She has been held there since her arrest last June following the murders of the Flores family in Arivaca, Arizona. 

For all but one day of the last 9 months, Shawna has been held in solitary confinement, despite having obeyed all the jail rules and being a model inmate.  Her only human contact is with her guards, some of whom are verbally abusive.  The American Psychological Association defines solitary confinement for extended periods of time as torture.

During half of her time in solitary confinement, Shawna has been “stripped out,” meaning she has been deprived of everything in her cell, including reading glasses, pencil and paper, legal documents, and regular communication with the outside world, making her participation in her own defense very difficult.  Additionally, Shawna has had to endure cold nights with no blankets or clothes, lying on a metal bed with no mattress.  She has received no medical treatment for a wound to her right arm.  Without proper treatment, she may suffer permanent disability.  The psychological and physical stress she is under has brought about a return of long-dormant anorexia, further worsening her conditions.

Shawna's trial is scheduled for January 2022.  She has to survive at least another ten months in order finally to receive her Constitutionally guaranteed “speedy public trial.” 

Shawna's court-appointed attorney has thus far been ineffective in bringing about any improvement in the inhumane conditions to which she has been subjected.  Shawna is a Minuteman, and may have been targeted for special discrimination and violation of her rights in Pima County Jail because of her color and her political activities. 

I hope that you will investigate the conditions of Shawna Forde's incarceration, and take appropriate action to ensure that her Constitutional rights are protected.  No government of the people, by the people, and for the people should allow jails in Arizona to treat inmates inhumanely.   More details of Shawna's inhumane and unconstitutional treatment are available at

If you live in Arizona, contact your district legislator for AZ.  You can find out who they are, and their email addresses by going here

If you live in Pima County, contact the

Pima County Board of Supervisors

130 West Congress Street, 11th Floor
Tucson, Arizona 85701

Receptionist - (520) 740-8126
  Fax - (520) 884-1152

  • Ann Day, Dist 1
  • Ramón Valadez, Chairman, Dist 2
  • Sharon Bronson, Dist 3
  • Ray Carroll, Dist 4
  • Richard Elías,
    Dist 5