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Star Prosecution Witness Back In Prison Again!

It appears Oin Oakstar has fallen off the wagon, violated his probation, and is in prison

(again).  In convict lingo, he is a snitch, since he made a deal with the prosecutor to testify against others in lieu of going to prison.  The problem with that is he can't stay off drugs, and he isn't interested in going to rehab.  Oakstar has freely admitted on the witness stand that he has knowingly violated the terms of his probation, and that he will do whatever is necessary, tell anyone what they want to hear, in order to stay free.

Oakstar, a lifelong drug user, violated his probation by using methamphetamine, among other drugs, not taking urinalysis tests, and not checking in with his probation officer.  Judge Jill Eikleberry finally had to revoke his probation.  The colossal farce of Oin's backsliding is that the prosecutor in Jason Bush's case tried to play it off as Oakstar asking to be sent to prison while he was testifying in a jail uniform!   The true story is that the 300 pound Oakstar was so obsessed with getting enough food to maintain his massive body that he called home almost daily to get his mother to buy more commissary food for him!  Food in prison is not plentiful, so prison was the last place he wanted to go!

Oakstar's past probationary record isn't good.  See his Pre-Sentencing Reports from 2003 and 2010.  He was rated a "medium-high risk," and the probation department observed, "His unsuccessful completion of his one previous supervised probation grant raises questions about his ability to comply with probation conditions."  His own mother distrusts him so much that she refused to bail him out.  There are no surprises here!

What's Pima County going to do, trot him out in his orange DOC jumpsuit (again) to testify at Gaxiola's trial?  Will Oakstar even testify, since he's now in prison for his original charge which is "prohibited possessor" (felon with a gun)?  It will be interesting to find out.

Is there anything this convict/drug addict won't say, any lie he won't tell?

Photo:  Oin Oakstar on May 30, 2009 under arrest

Photo Courtesy of Pima County public records