Shawna Forde Held Incommunicado at Pima County Jail!

Awaits Verdict Alone With No Support!

Update:  February 13, 2022

For the last 10 days, no one has heard from Shawna Forde.  She has not been allowed to send one email or one postal letter.  Her children have received no letters or phone calls for 3 months!  Supporters don't even know if she has gotten our letters, and she has not called her supporters on the phone.  We believe she is being purposely prevented from phoning out.  Although Laine Lawless was forbidden to communicate with Shawna, there are other supporters standing by to take her call.  This is more "cruel and unusual punishment," which only illustrates the outrageous behavior of Dupnik's dungeon masters who have done every inhumane thing they could to isolate her from any form of  human contact.

Shawna's children demand that the jail lift the secret phone ban, so that they can speak with her!  They want their mother to PHONE HOME!