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January 30, 2022

Dupnik Starts Scare at Jail--

Spreads to  Prosecutor

Afraid Militia Will Try to Break Shawna Out!

Justice for Shawna Forde reported on February 8, 2010 that one of the excuses used by the jail for keeping her in solitary confinement was that "the Minutemen were planning on breaking her out."  A reliable source reports that every morning when Shawna Forde is brought to court, it requires 3 vans: one with blacked-out windows, and 6 guards to transport her.   It seems Pima County is afraid "militia" will try to break her out.  They are so concerned about this that she goes to the courtroom in full shackles which are only taken off in front of the media inside the courtroom.  Once this is done, the jury is allowed to see her dressed in her over-sized clothing which makes her look larger than the petite size 14 she usually wears.  She has stated that she feels the chains and cuffs are kept on for the humiliation of it, just so the media can see her in that condition.  Our understanding of this situation is that if the jury were allowed to see her in that chained condition, it could possibly taint their views of her and constitute a mistrial. 

Shawna states that she respects the rule of law, and she is willing to allow due process to take place.  Under no circumstances would she consider becoming a fugitive!