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May 8, 2022--UPDATE

Who's Crazy Now?

In prior critiques of women in the Minuteman movement who he considered threatening to him, MCDC's Chris Simcox has described at least two, including Shawna Forde, as "worrisome" and "unstable."  He has further lied and claimed that Shawna Forde was "booted" from MCDC for erratic behavior, when her email account shows congratulatory emails from him praising her for the work she did as Media Director for MCDC in Washington State.  After sending Jason Bush to Shawna Forde, Simcox later turned Shawna in to the federal government.  He claimed, six days after Shawna Forde was arrested, 

“MCDC leadership followed our pro law enforcement pledge and civic duty to report suspicious behaviors of all worrisome individuals to the proper authorities, as was the case with Shawna Forde.”

Oh, really?

Here's some insight on who is "unstable:"

In divorce court testimony yesterday, a dark portrait of Chris Simcox, former head of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, emerged.  According to his wife, and by his own emailed admission, he is a raging alcoholic with severe anger management problems.  His wife, Alena Simcox said he was steadily drinking every day, switching from beer during the day to massive quantities of scotch whiskey at night. 

Alena testified Chris Simcox had violent rages when he was drunk, punching his hands through walls, and on one occasion punching his wife in the face repeatedly, giving her a black eye and bruises on her face.  The family handyman saw her injury, and during the trial, was shown pictures of the damage in the home, including a door which had been destroyed, and testified he had repaired the drywall holes and the door.  Alena Simcox testified about several occasions where Chris Simcox held her and the children at gunpoint, threatening to kill them, himself, and all cops who may come if she called for help.  Simcox was insanely jealous, and kept accusing her of having affairs with other men.  In fact, he became quite aggressive and angry on the witness stand, raising his voice, looking directly at his wife, and repeatedly accusing her of having affairs, and of being a terrorist, and of "tormenting and torturing" him, although Alena Simcox has denied all of his accusations.  The judge had to admonish him to look either at the bench or his own lawyer.

The divorce court judge took the matter under advisement, and recently ruled that Alena Simcox would get sole custody of the children, would not have to pay any of Simcox' debts from his failed 2009 Senate campaign, and that Simcox would have to pay $11,000 in child support payments or face imprisonment for non-payment.  The judge put it on the record that there was "a history of domestic violence" in this case.

Who's unstable now?