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January 8, 2022

Witness Exonerates Forde!

Gina Gonzalez, the surviving witness from the Arivaca massacre, has made statements for a year and a half which exonerate Shawna Forde.  See the excerpts from the 911 Tape transcript and the MediaRelease, 99% of which was hidden from the public by the mainstream media.

This is the prosecutor’s last ditch attempt to make his case.  He brings out Gina Gonzalez, who didn’t see anything, Oin Oakstar, a twice-convicted felon on almost- probation, who doesn’t know anything…to be the witnesses du jour.  

Who’s next—the neighbors who didn’t see or hear anything, despite over 16 gunshots being fired in the dead of night?  

None of this is surprising.  It is typical of sloppy investigation and a case that should never go to trial. 

October 31, 2010

Prosecutor Brakes The Press! 

  Kim Smith

“Jail officials have been advised by the Pima County Attorney's Office that they shouldn't grant me an interview,” Tucson Arizona Daily Star reporter Kim Smith disclosed last week in an email to us.  Shawna Forde requested an interview with a reporter from the Star to discuss the violations of her rights while she's been in jail. Forde’s response to Smith’s retreat was: “That’s unacceptable!  Don’t we still have a free press in America?”   

Certainly, Shawna deserves as much time in print as Jason Bush.  He was interviewed by Smith in July 2009. Smith reported Bush claimed to have NOT confessed to the Arivaca killings!

Smith indicates that she pulled the jail’s weekly reports on Forde’s behavior, noting Shawna was written up by the zealous jailers for “extremely petty” incidents. Months ago, Shawna passed a piece of candy on one occasion, and at another time, she uttered an audible word to another inmate.  When Smith reported the candy-passing to Forde’s defense attorney, he chuckled with amusement because there is no misconduct by Shawna, who he knows is innocent and is a model prisoner.

In June Shawna supporters protested against her torture outside of Pima County Jail.  And the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde (CJSF) has contacted Gov. Jan Brewer to protest this inhumane treatment of pre-trial detainees.  Brewer’s office has been unresponsive to the racial profiling of Shawna at the jail.  Our sources confirm Shawna’s treatment by the jailers is far worse than others.

The flap at the courthouse is even more bizarre.  They say Shawna is still being tortured in solitary confinement and full shackles because the jail sees her as “a security risk” who is able to "mobilize people to do things for her on the outside”.... Like filing a complaint with the ACLU, and posting reports about the jail on her website?


We stand for truth and justice for Shawna, and vehemently oppose the political extremists responsible for these deceptions.

Below are letters we have sent to reporters who have written incorrect reports:
August 5, 2010
To Kim Smith, AZ Daily Star 
Regarding your blog entry:
Shawna Forde is presently forced to wear a black and white striped
uniform as an Administrative Segregation prisoner, not an "orange
jumpsuit."  This uniform makes her look like she's already been
convicted, sentenced to prison, and perhaps is even a member of a
chain gang.  In any other county in Arizona, a pre-trial detainee
would be allowed to wear street clothes to their pre-trial hearings.
Your headline, "Wardrobe Malfunction" only shows your flippant,
disrectful attitude toward a woman who is on trial for her life and who
deserves the same presumption of innocence prior to trial as any other
criminal defendant.
Mark Green,
November 11, 2010

A Political Prosecution

Guest Editorial by Joseph Sapp, JD

The booking process...the constant asking of mundane questions while being deloused and body-cavity checked...the humiliating photo.  Little did I know it was only just beginning.  I was soon to explore the depths of man’s best-devised punishment one to another.  What my captors did not know, nor did I appreciate at the time, was the fact that I had experienced a milder, but nonetheless, progressive form of this punishment for most of my lifetime, and this was going to be of great benefit.  I didn’t experience this punishment in a physical sense like I was about to.  But I’d always been placed apart and separated from my peers, and often times I had to amuse myself in such a manner to keep myself from going crazy. Ultimately, 30 years later, I came to appreciate the gift that I had given myself in being able to stay by myself for those extended periods of time.

Some, however, are not so lucky.  Other people, such as Shawna Forde, for instance, are being subjected to a horror for which she was very little prepared.  I honestly believe from looking at the record that she felt she was doing her duty, and to have a woman be the head of the Minutemen says a lot.  The circumstances that she was in provided multiple opportunities for conspiracy, as well as complacency, and for corruption.  You see, Shawna is a symbol of America's ineffectiveness at controlling its border. Her organization was a thorn in the side to drug cartels as well as an embarrassment to local law enforcement.  

So if a snitch needs making an example of, for instance (I don't know if it was, or wasn't); a good experienced criminal defense lawyer could certainly spin the facts in this case to present a compelling story.  Or, better yet, the excellent criminal defense lawyer will produce the picture of Shawna at Disneyland at the time with a photo stamp as she goes down the waterslide!

However a cartel makes an example, certain evidence, circumstantial, maybe, maybe not, is discovered.  The local politicos get rid of an embarrassment and buy just a little more peace from the killings on the border.  And of course our national government can get rid of an awfully embarrassing thorn in their side, or otherwise undermine the credibility of an organization that was very well on its way to weakening the image of federal immigration and border enforcement altogether.

Now, I don’t know if she did it or not; it would seem out of character.  But I do know that the hell she is living in today through solitary confinement is the most insidious means that a man can use to torture another.  Those not fully prepared with a great sense of self leave those small rooms changed; changed in a manner that many times takes away the very things that made them what they were.

It is a proud, lonely and noble thing to be a political prisoner once you are exonerated or have your comeuppance.  But until then, you will fade into history as another villain.  However, going through the process and maintaining one’s wholeness is all that is really important.  And may NO ONE who is truly innocent and who makes an honest stand ever have to face the prospect of being a solitarily-confined political prisoner.  But since that’s the way it’s been since the beginning, and the winners write the history, let us keep in mind that freedom is never truly free.

Joseph Edward Sapp has a Doctorate in Law from the University of Georgia.  According to Sapp, “For 20 years I have stood up for the people who would kick me as soon as the government jumped on them once again.  But I continue to do it, because it is the right thing to do.  And God will get me if I don’t.”  Sapp is a researcher providing information to attorneys, judges, and students through joejacksells.info, and has produced a series of videos on the subject of drug and human trafficking on the Arizona-Mexico border.

March 5, 2010

$PLC Blames Patriot for Cartel Hit

Heidi Beirich      

Heidi Beirich of $outhern Poverty Law Center, the “hate-‘em-all” gang, needs to keep her stories straight.  In her latest report, an obvious psy-ops attack against Shawna Forde, she claims that the surviving victim of the Arivaca drug cartel hit against the Flores family can identify Forde as one of her attackers.  FALSE!

$PLC stands to be corrected.  On 3 occasions, Gina Gonzalez, the sole survivor, confirmed she was unable to identify any of the intruders.  During her 911 call for help, Gonzalez told a dispatcher it might be a woman she had a fight with earlier in the week.  A video surveillance tape confirmed Gonzalez in a fist-fight with another woman at a local store.

$PLC is spreading hate and lies.  Beirich needs to get the facts straight. Doesn’t the truth matter anymore?                                      --CJSF

 October 28, 2009


A media psy-ops attack against readers was launched when Scott North, an extreme Shawna-stalker, writer for the Everett Herald, dropped his load on 10/25/09:

"With police on her trail, the (email) messages show Forde was actively negotiating a book deal about her life story with Laine Lawless, an Arizona border-watch figure who now writes on a website proclaiming Forde's innocence."

What a piece of work.  North's motivation is clear: to brainwash readers, to taint the jury pool, and to open a door for the prosecutor to suggest wrong-doing is going on behind the scenes in the weak case against Shawna Forde, et al.  According to citizen-reporter Laine Lawless, "This is irresponsible reporting; there was no deal. North is no muckraker."  Sorry, Scott North, your muck stops here.  -CJFSF


The Circumstantial Point      (Posted 9.03.09)  

Since the retreat of Minuteman leaders Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist after Shawna Forde’s arrest for murder, last week a report surfaced from a MM which says The Brown Berets are Coming to Arivaca in September!  In their email, the Brown Berets falsely claim that “minutemen or other racist groups openly call for violent hate crimes against Mexicans.”  After checking several Minuteman sites, this report cannot be confirmed anywhere.

However, a reliable source said that there are frequent murders and dead bodies all along the Southern Arizona border with Mexico.  This region, which includes Arivaca, is rife with drug and human trafficking, and is an area where every family keeps guns for protection.  Death squads roam around performing executions, often on rival drug dealers. 

Recently the public defenders office was revealed as a source of infection for agents of hired guns.  This is brown-on-brown murder.

It’s time for Sheriff Dupnik to come clean about what has been going on in Pima County and to stop the cover-up for the sake of public safety.  What is the difference between murder and execution?

Was the killing of Raul Flores and his daughter Brisenia a murder or an execution?  The Flores crime scene resembled a drug cartel hit, with both victims shot in the head execution-style.  The Zetas and other criminal gangs are hired guns and have no problem killing anyone, including a child, who gets in their way.  Yet a hairdresser, a Chicano pot smoker, and a mole on the SPLC payroll are charged with murder!

In the reports available from the Pima County Sheriff’s office, Gina Gonzalez, the surviving witness who made the 911 call, was unable to positively identify ANY of the shooters the night of the crime, including the man who shot her 3 times.  Is she afraid to speak?  Why did her neighbors deny hearing or seeing anything, despite multiple gunshots being fired inside the mobile home, some of which were loud shotgun blasts and .40 caliber pistol rounds? 

Is this conspiracy of silence a smokescreen for the enemy to advance?

Shawna Forde in a Photo STOLEN from the MAD website.
Photo is presently displayed unlawfully, in full copyright violation, on the ADL.org website.
ADL has been told twice to remove this, and refuses.

The Big Picture         (Posted 8.20.09)

It’s no coincidence that just 2 months after DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano issued her "Right-wing Extremists" report, Minutewoman Shawna Forde became the extreme Left-wing’s “hate group” poster child. Shawna’s case is not about murder; it’s about the attempts by the Left-wing’s “hate-group watchers,” such as the ADL and the SLPC, to marginalize the majority of patriotic Americans who believe in American values and sovereignty. Shawna’s become the target of a socialist government’s clumsy attempts to marginalize and terrorize America’s patriots.

There is no doubt that some intruders burst into a family’s home in Arivaca, Arizona, killing two people and wounding a third, but what are the facts of the case? Does the prosecution have any really solid evidence, other than a coerced, and then recanted, confession? What ties Shawna Forde, Albert Gaxiola, and Jason Bush to the case? The prosecution wants the public to think it has its case made, as the unholy government/Marxist-media alliance has already tried the case in the press, and found all 3 suspects guilty before trial! Shawna Forde has been singled out for an exceptional amount of defamation, as the media has desperately stumbled 25 years back into her juvenile past to find anything which makes her seem shady.

Shawna is being targeted by design simply because she is a Caucasian woman who’s been doing a man’s job. This case has politics, sexism and racism written all over it. Sarah Palin, another white Christian woman, has been demonized in the press, just for being a woman who’s pretty and who’s also successful, and the vulnerability of her family has been shamelessly exploited. Michele Bachmann, another Conservative white woman in politics, has been targeted for similar slander. Bachmann has begun saying that if she’s hated that much by the media, she must be doing something right, and in fact, she stood up for Sarah Palin, and said she found the negative commentary to be “offensive to American women.” America’s women are a force to be reckoned with.

Part of the problem with women in politics is that they just don’t “fit” into the Left’s neat little niche of what they like to refer to as “redneck” white men. Women are different than men in so many ways, even in politics. The Left just doesn’t know what to do with Conservative women, so they try to discount their actions and their results, always on the basis of what they think women should be. Conservative women can neither be womanly enough, nor indeed manly enough, for the Left-wing. The Left is every bit as guilty of sexism and racism as is any other political ideology.

Patriots who follow the government’s illegal machinations are going to recognize a pattern here: the people who are singled out for persecution are patriots who speak their mind in public and who take a stand for American sovereignty and the Constitution. Observers have seen this play out in the case of Roy Warden, an unrelenting activist for border security and American sovereignty in Tucson, and now in the case of Shawna Forde. After reading negative comments made about her by other Minutemen, the extreme Left-wing-government alliance decided that they had a prime candidate for right-wing extremist martyrdom. They looked at Shawna and said, “Here is someone who is vulnerable, who we can victimize to break the Minutemen and militia movements and whom no one will support if we can give it the right media spin, as long as we do it in a county run by Mexico, i.e., Pima County.” There’s absolutely NO coincidence here.

The media-created caricature of Shawna Forde as a bloodthirsty racist vigilante was TEXTBOOK from the SPLC’s “hate group” activities pages. If those kinds of people exist anymore, they are certainly not in the anti-illegal immigration movement. With membership in real hate groups like the KKK steadily declining, the SPLC has faced a serious problem raising money, so they have had to label legitimate political groups as “hate groups” in order to scare their donor base into giving them money. The SPLC doesn’t care if they are true haters; it is enough just to label them so. Extreme left-wing organizations like the SPLC who thrive on spreading hate for Conservative, white, mostly Christian Americans don’t concern themselves with a little matter called truth.

So Shawna Forde has become a “hate icon” for the extreme Left-wingers, a symbol of all that is wrong with Conservative, patriotic Americans. Let’s be clear: America wasn’t founded by socialists, or people who cared about “social justice” for those who broke the law by coming here illegally. It was founded by rugged individuals who cared about their freedom to worship as they chose and the freedom to speak their minds. Left-wingers played no part in the creation of the United States, so why are they being allowed to captain its ship of state and its media?

Shawna’s case is 100% political, and other patriots should not believe the smear job done by the government-controlled media. Patriots need to be supporting Shawna. Shawna’s an American hero who is now imprisoned under the worst conditions possible for her patriotic actions. If the Prosecutor’s case fails, it’s only a matter of time until they come for any other patriot with a similar “railroad” job. Patriots on the line, watch your six, and don’t trust any media!

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