Justice for Shawna Forde

"I am innocent."
~ Shawna

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The Circumstantial Point

Since the retreat of Minuteman leaders Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist after Shawna Forde’s arrest for murder, last week a report surfaced from a MM which says The Brown Berets are Coming to Arivaca in September!  In their email, the Brown Berets falsely claim that “minutemen or other racist groups openly call for violent hate crimes against Mexicans.”  After checking several Minuteman sites, this report cannot be confirmed anywhere.

However, a reliable source said that there are frequent murders and dead bodies all along the Southern Arizona border with Mexico.  This region, which includes Arivaca, is rife with drug and human trafficking, and is an area where every family keeps guns for protection.  Death squads roam around performing executions, often on rival drug dealers. 

Recently the public defenders office was revealed as a source of infection for agents of hired guns.  This is brown-on-brown murder.

It’s time for Sheriff Dupnik to come clean about what has been going on in Pima County and to stop the cover-up for the sake of public safety.  What is the difference between murder and execution?

Was the killing of Raul Flores and his daughter Brisenia a murder or an execution?  The Flores crime scene resembled a drug cartel hit, with both victims shot in the head execution-style.  The Zetas and other criminal gangs are hired guns and have no problem killing anyone, including a child, who gets in their way.  Yet a hairdresser, a Chicano pot smoker, and a mole on the SPLC payroll are charged with murder!

In the reports available from the Pima County Sheriff’s office, Gina Gonzalez, the surviving witness who made the 911 call, was unable to positively identify ANY of the shooters the night of the crime, including the man who shot her 3 times.  Is she afraid to speak?  Why did her neighbors deny hearing or seeing anything, despite multiple gunshots being fired inside the mobile home, some of which were loud shotgun blasts and .40 caliber pistol rounds? 

Is this conspiracy of silence a smokescreen for the enemy to advance?

The Big Picture

It’s no coincidence that just 2 months after DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano issued her "Right-wing Extremists" report, Minutewoman Shawna Forde became the extreme Left-wing’s “hate group” poster child.  Shawna’s case is not about murder; it’s about the attempts by the Left-wing’s “hate-group watchers,” such as the ADL and the SLPC, to marginalize the majority of patriotic Americans who believe in American values and sovereignty.  Shawna’s become the target of a socialist government’s clumsy attempts to marginalize and terrorize America’s patriots.

There is no doubt that some intruders burst into a family’s home in Arivaca, Arizona, killing two people and wounding a third, but what are the facts of the case?  Does the prosecution have any really solid evidence, other than a coerced, and then recanted, confession?  What ties Shawna Forde, Albert Gaxiola, and Jason Bush to the case?  The prosecution wants the public to think it has its case made, as the unholy government/Marxist-media alliance has already tried the case in the press, and found all 3 suspects guilty before trial!  Shawna Forde has been singled out for an exceptional amount of defamation, as the media has desperately stumbled 25 years back into her juvenile past to find anything which makes her seem shady.

Shawna is being targeted by design simply because she is a Caucasian woman who’s been doing a man’s job.  This case has politics, sexism and racism written all over it.  Sarah Palin, another white Christian woman, has been demonized in the press, just for being a woman who’s pretty and who’s also successful, and the vulnerability of her family has been shamelessly exploited.  Michele Bachmann, another Conservative white woman in politics, has been targeted for similar slander.  Bachmann has begun saying that if she’s hated that much by the media, she must be doing something right, and in fact, she stood up for Sarah Palin, and said she found the negative commentary to be “offensive to American women.”  America’s women are a force to be reckoned with. 

Part of the problem with women in politics is that they just don’t “fit” into the Left’s neat little niche of what they like to refer to as “redneck” white men.  Women are different than men in so many ways, even in politics.  The Left just doesn’t know what to do with Conservative women, so they try to discount their actions and their results, always on the basis of what they think women should be.  Conservative women can neither be womanly enough, or indeed manly enough, for the Left-wing.  The Left is every bit as guilty of sexism and racism as is any other political ideology. 

Patriots who follow the government’s illegal machinations are going to recognize a pattern here:  the people who are singled out for persecution are patriots who speak their mind in public and who take a stand for American sovereignty and the Constitution.  We’ve seen this play out in the case of Roy Warden, an unrelenting activist for border security and American sovereignty in Tucson, and now in the case of Shawna Forde.  After reading negative comments made about her by other Minutemen, the extreme Left-wing-government alliance decided that they had a prime candidate for right-wing extremist martyrdom.  They looked at Shawna and said, “Here is someone who is vulnerable, who we can victimize to break the Minutemen and militia movements and whom no one will support if we can give it the right media spin, as long as we do it in a county run by Mexico, i. e., Pima County.”  There’s absolutely NO coincidence here. 

The media-created caricature of Shawna Forde as a bloodthirsty racist vigilante was TEXTBOOK from the SPLC’s “hate group” activities pages.  If those kinds of people exist anymore, they are certainly not in the anti-illegal immigration movement.  With membership in real hate groups like the KKK steadily declining, the SPLC has faced a serious problem raising money, so they have had to label legitimate political groups as “hate groups” in order to scare their donor base into giving them money.  The SPLC doesn’t care if they are true haters; it is enough just to label them so.  Extreme left-wing organizations like the SPLC who thrive on spreading hate for Conservative, white, mostly Christian Americans don’t concern themselves with a little matter called truth.

So Shawna Forde has become a “hate icon” for the extreme Left-wingers, a symbol of all that is wrong with Conservative, patriotic Americans.  Let’s be clear: America wasn’t founded by socialists, or people who cared about “social justice” for those who broke the law by coming here illegally.  It was founded by rugged individuals who cared about their freedom to worship as they chose and the freedom to speak their minds.

Left-wingers played no part in the creation of the United States, so why are they being allowed to captain its ship of state and its media?

Shawna’s case is 100% political, and other patriots should not believe the smear job done by the government-controlled media.  Patriots need to be supporting Shawna.  Shawna’s an American hero who is now imprisoned under the worst conditions possible for her patriotic actions.  If the Prosecutor’s case fails, it’s only a matter of time until they come for any other patriot with a similar “railroad” job.  Patriots on the line, watch your six, and don’t trust any media!