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The Brown Beret's Are Coming


MEChA, Brown Berets, Nation
> of Aztlan ("Kill any Raza women that  sleeps with White
> Trash or Nigger scum"- Hector Carreon), are coming  to
> Arivaca, Arizona in September 2009 to stir-up racial hatred
> and  strife against Americans.    You can be sure that Pima
> County Legal Defender Isabel G. Garcia  (Coalition de
> Derechos Humanos-Tucson) will also be present to provide
> legal support for these  Neo-Nazi Aztlan types and
> domestic terrorists  that have repeatedly called for a
> "Race-War" against American citizens  of European
> descent, and have openly praised  Osama bin Laden,
> Hamas,  and the Baath Party in Syria and Iraq in their
> struggle to free  Palestine, and "punish"
> Americans for their "sins".    These domestic
> terror groups have also repeatedly called for a
> self-styled "Jihad" against the Men and Women in
> law-enforcement that  PROTECT the U.S. from the likes of these
> Creeps:      "In 1995, the Voz Fronteriza, the
> University of California San Diego's  official MEChA
> publication, published an editorial on the death of a
> Latino INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) agent.
> Describing  him as a traitor to his race who deserved to
> die, the editors of the  Voz concluded that "all the
> migra [a pejorative term for the INS] pigs  should be
> killed, every single one."    http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=6192

>      People need to contact the Pima County Sheriff (Arivaca
> is in Pima  County), and let them know that we want these
> domestic terrorists  monitored at every step of the way, and
> that we, the Taxpayers of Pima  County, are not happy about
> this group i.e. Brown Berets (or their  sympathizers) coming
> down here for the specific purpose of promoting  a hate
> filled agenda, and looking for an physical confrontation
> with  anyone that opposes their brand of racial hatred.   
> These groups are also violently anti-Semitic, and have
> publicly stated  that the "Jews" are trying to
> "hijack the political process in Mexico  City DF"
> just like they have "infiltrated" Washington DC in
> their  effort to promote an "Zionist agenda" in
> this Country. The Nation of  Aztlan also stated that
> "Jewish lesbians created the Feminist movement  in
> California" in an article by Ernesto  Cienfuegos
> which also  appeared in "La Voz de Aztlan".   
> Links:  >    http://www.mayorno.com/aztlan2.html
>    http://www.aztlan.net/pinches.htm
>    http://www.aztlan.net/villabinladen.htm
>    http://aztlan.net/women_martyrs.htm
>          Contact the Pima County Sheriff and tell them that
> you are concerned  about the upcoming hate-filled event in
> Arivaca, and that you expect  them to contain this threat. 
>    CONTACT PIMA COUNTY SHERIFF:    Headquarters: (520)
> 351-4600    Criminal Investigations : (520) 351-4810   
> Homeland Security: (520) 351-4871    Community Resources
> Unit: (520) 351-4615      You may also contact PCSO using
> their online form here:  http://www.pimasheriff.org/contact.aspx 

> The Brown Berets say:     "Many other hate crimes are being carried out all throughout the South  West and people are not hearing about
> what has been going on. This is  unacceptable! The
> politicians who sponsor and/or support these  organizations
> must be held accountable for these crimes as well. In
> response to these hate crimes we are organizing a protest in
> Arivaca  AZ. in September. The minutemen and/or many other
> racist groups openly  call for violent hate crimes against
> Mexicans and we will not tolerate  it!"   

SOURCE:  Brown Beret email about upcoming protest in Arivaca, Arizona

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