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Whose Bullet Is In Jason Bush's Leg?

The spirit of truth is like the wind; no one knows where it comes from or where it's going...or when it might blow something down. 

There are many things we were not told about the case against Shawna Forde, and there were even more that we did not know about Jason Bush.

For example, we were told by reporters that Bush was taken to the hospital by detectives AFTER he was interrogated for hours.  A reasonable person would have assumed, as they wanted us to, that Bush was given medical treatment.  Nothing was ever written about what treatment he was given.

In fact, Jason Bush received NO MEDICAL TREATMENT at the time of his arrest at all!  The doctor at the hospital wanted to do surgery to remove the bullet and do a skin graft to close up the hole in his leg.  Some medico from Pima County was imported by the PCSO into Kingman, AZ to say, "A little lead won't hurt him; bandage him and ship him off to jail!" 

Transcripts from Shawna Forde's trial tell part of the story.  On Day 10 of the trial, prosecutor Kellie Johnson questions Detective Juan Carlos Navarro while he's on the witness stand:

Question:  Was there any point in time where either medical staff was able to get any kind of evidence out of his leg or was he just treated and released?

Answer:  Treated and stay in custody.  (Page 149, Lines 5-10)

Navarro responds that way because while Bush was released from the hospital, he was still being held in custody.

Bush was more than willing to receive medical treatment at that time, and was hoping to have the bullet extracted for analysis.  The public was not told that he still had the bullet in his leg, and was led to assume that his wound came from Gina Gonzalez' .40 caliber semi-auto pistol.  (At Bush's trial, it was revealed that Gina Gonzalez only shot 2 .40 cal rounds, and both bullets were accounted for.  Neither of them was in Mr. Bush's leg.)

Oddly enough, the fact that no blood from Jason Bush was ever found INSIDE the Flores' home was completely glossed over by the prosecutors, and it was missed by his defense team and the jury during his recent trial.  Common sense would dictate that anyone wounded in a firefight would immediately start bleeding, and there would be blood spatter all over.  Why was no blood from Jason Bush found inside the kill zone?  Could it be because he was not there?  Was he wounded outside, while perhaps trying to save someone's life?

Gina Gonzalez stated on the 911 tape and in the Forde trial that she shot, but she didn't hit anyone.  Now that all the bullets from her gun have been accounted for, we want to know who shot Jason Bush and why?  Was he a victim instead of a perpetrator?

Why was Chuck Stonex, a witness who is not a ballistics expert, allowed to form a conclusion by claiming a bullet Bush allegedly kept as a souvenir was.40 caliber?  Once a projectile is flattened by impact, only an expert can say for sure what size it is.  Or was the "souvenir" episode completely manufactured for the specific purpose of making Bush and Forde look guilty?   Those of us with perceptive critical thinking skills want these questions answered to our satisfaction.  The public is entitled to know.