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posted Oct 1, 2009 9:53 PM by Web Master
I agree with you about Shawna and her dilemma. I vehemently disagree with those who are making her situation worse by
publicly condemning her. To my knowledge none of those hurling accusations at her were there to verify that she was the perpetrator of the murders. They should just leave it alone instead of going on a feeding frenzy revenge.  --Frank Jorge

I totally agree that there are people who become the targets of over zealous prosecutors with an agenda, especially in Pima County. I was one of those targets at one time but luckily I spent the money on a quality attorney who was able to convince the prosecutor they did not have a case. Couple this with the inflated statements of Pima County Sheriffs’ deputies, who continually prove they think they are above the law, and you have a recipe for someone being railroaded by the system. Pima County tried but eventually did the right thing with me.


Your website is understandably swayed towards showing Shawna’s innocence. One should not expect anything less from you, and I applaud you for your believing in someone’s innocence.  It was the support of people who believed me that got me through an emotionally trying experience.


All the details of this case are not being presented by the media, and by you. But that is what trials are supposed to reveal. I am inclined to believe that the charges Shawna is facing are inflated by bullies in uniform and with power. We all know that there is a certain element of inflated ego that comes with a badge and the power to deny someone their right to live freely. It’s a power trip that police officers are on and they sometimes abuse the privileges given to them. But we must not deny that there are certain checks and balances in place that are supposed to prevent someone from being wrongly convicted.


In this case I almost certainly convinced that there was a crime that happened and there is some evidence that Shawna has committed a crime. What that evidence is surely needs to be presented and repudiated, either by the media, or by you. There should be an extreme effort made to be careful and considerate of all the evidence in this case and I hope and pray that Shawna is able to receive adequate legal counsel to defend her against the system.


As to her treatment in the jail, I know from being in the county jail that life can be made real miserable by the same power hungry bullies that roam our streets in police cars. It is important that she have legal counsel to make sure she is treated properly. If she is being pointed out by corrections officers to others as a racist, that is wholly inappropriate and illegal in securing the basic rights afforded us by the United States Constitution. Now that the word has been spread, unfortunately, Shawna is in danger of being assaulted by other inmates....what can you do in a situation like this? Not much except isolate them from other inmates, but my God, do not deny them the privilege of clean facilities and amenities that are afforded other inmates.


I hope that you consider my email to you to not be a criticism of you or your efforts, as I applaud you once again for believing in her. Instead take this email as a word of advice to help convince others that your case is not jaded or slighted one way or the other. I encourage you to present the facts as you know them and repudiate them one by one.


God bless your efforts, God Bless America and God Bless our freedoms.


In Christ,