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February 29, 2012
Judge Leonardo Retires!
Your Honor, Your Bias is Showing!
After 19 years on the bench, Pima County Superior Court Judge John Leonardo is retiring.  This website has been extremely critical of him, and members of the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde filed a judicial complaint against him.  Is it a coincidence that he retired within 2 weeks of Forde's appeals brief which said, "at every stage, he gave the jury incorrect instructions?"  Nah...  Savor the victory for justice--it doesn't happen nearly often enough.

February 7, 2012
Victim's Rights Laws Kill People!
Two People Sitting on Death Row Because of Denial of Due Process

December 20, 2011
Writer-Researcher Laine Lawless Denied Access to Public Records by Pima County Sheriff's Office!
Law-Breaker Sheriff Dupnik Refuses Access!
Lawless is forced to retain an attorney--FULL STORY HERE

July 14, 2011

Support the Hunger Strike in CA Prisons for Human Rights!

Prisoners are asking to see the sun, to be let out of years of solitary confinement, which is psychological torture, and for adequate food.  Details here.   Read about the effects of solitary confinement.

July 10, 2011

Update on Gaxiola Trial

(excerpt from Blonde on the Border book)

June 6, 2022

Lawless Files Another Motion!

June 5, 2011

An Interview with Laine Lawless about Her Legal Motions and Battles To Report the Truth

May 29, 2011

Photo courtesy AZ DOC

May 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Murders

by Rob Sanchez

May 26, 2011

Laine Lawless Files Motion to Gain Access to Gaxiola's Trial!

Read Laine's Comments

Read the Motion

April 11, 2011

April 24, 2022


March 15, 2022

Arizonans for Justice Files Complaint Against Pima County Superior Court Judge John Leonardo!

March 14, 2022

Prosecutorial Misconduct Rampant
Exculpatory Evidence Withheld!

Read the Innocence Project's Report

March 8, 2022

Laine Lawless Files BAR Complaint Against Prosecutors!

March 1, 2022  UPDATE!

Proof of Media-Government Collusion!
This was posted some time ago, but we thought it would be good for another run, considering recent news.  It's perfectly all right for the media to use Shawna, to defame her in any way, but it's not OK for her to want anything from them.  At least that's what we've been hearing.

October 31, 2010

Prosecutor Brakes The Press!  

  Kim Smith

“Jail officials have been advised by the Pima County Attorney's Office that they shouldn't grant me an interview,” Tucson Arizona Daily Star reporter Kim Smith disclosed last week in an email to us.  Shawna Forde requested an interview with a reporter from the Star to discuss the violations of her rights while she's been in jail. Forde’s response to Smith’s retreat was: “That’s unacceptable!  Don’t we still have a free press in America?”   

Certainly, Shawna deserves as much time in print as Jason Bush.  He was interviewed by Smith in July 2009. Smith reported Bush claimed to have NOT confessed to the Arivaca killings!

Smith indicates that she pulled the jail’s weekly reports on Forde’s behavior, noting Shawna was written up by the zealous jailers for “extremely petty” incidents. Months ago, Shawna passed a piece of candy on one occasion, and at another time, she uttered an audible word to another inmate.  When Smith reported the candy-passing to Forde’s defense attorney, he chuckled with amusement because there is no misconduct by Shawna, who he knows is innocent and is a model prisoner.

In June Shawna supporters protested against her torture outside of Pima County Jail.  And the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde (CJSF) has contacted Gov. Jan Brewer to protest this inhumane treatment of pre-trial detainees. Brewer’s office has been unresponsive to the racial profiling of Shawna at the jail.  Our sources confirm Shawna’s treatment by the jailers is far worse than others.

The flap at the courthouse is even more bizarre. They say Shawna is still being tortured in solitary confinement and full shackles because the jail sees her as “a security risk” who is able to "mobilize people to do things for her on the outside”.... Like filing a complaint with the ACLU, and posting reports about the jail on her website?


We stand for truth and justice for Shawna, and vehemently oppose the political extremists responsible for these deceptions.

February 18, 2022

Shawna Forde Fights Back!
Maintains Her Innocence

In an 11th hour move, Shawna Forde, who has been held incommunicado for over 2 weeks by the jail, called her supporters and insisted that she was misquoted in a hasty 10 minute interview she gave to a yellow journalist with the dirtbag. She says she doesn’t appreciate being characterized as a criminal, and she is innocent of all charges. Further legal actions are pending.  Shawna indicated she is now willing to speak to media and to answer all questions asked, and directs journalists to the media section of this website.  She will grant no interviews unless the parties have been screened through The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde first. 

February 16, 2011

Jury Convicts Forde!
The Truth Is Out There...Why Didn't The Jury Acquit?

February 14, 2011

Shawna Supporters Discuss the Railroad Case

On the Dutch Joens Show

Courtesy dutchjoens.info

February 13, 2022

Shawna Forde Held
Incommunicado in

 Children say, "Mom, please call home!"

Get the inside story!  Read an excerpt from the book, Blonde on the Border:  The Government’s Case Against the Minutemen.  Publisher’s inquiries are invited.

Shawna Supporters Speak Out on the Trial

LISTEN Monday, February 14, 2022, 6:15 PM MST

Learn the truth about the actual trial--not the media spin!

Dutch Joens

February 13, 2011


February 10, 2022

Shawna's Trial Over!

Case Implodes!

Prosecutor is Toast!

During closing arguments, many law enforcement officers were thoughtfully seated by the prosecution team right behind Shawna, so that every time the jury looked in her direction, all they could see was the menacing visage of the cops with their guns displayed openly.

Prosecutor Unklesbay took an hour and a half to put the jury to sleep with his monotone voice, saying, “Shawna wanted to change America, in a way that even the Minutemen didn’t want to do.  Shawna wanted to change the world with guns.”  A few  highlights of his closing argument:  “She was gathering her team together to change America…she was a puppeteer, barking commands at these guys, and they’d follow her.”  The picture he painted was even more ludicrous if one knew how unlikely Minutemen were to follow a female leader.

Prosecutor Unklesbay:

"No one is saying Shawna Forde pulled the trigger at 1 a.m. on May 30."

He kept describing Shawna as a “short, fat white woman,” and “leader of Minutemen American Defense, or MAD.”  He asked, “What do Minutemen do? They are a bunch of retired folks sitting on the border in their lawn chairs. Minutemen don’t pick out targets, but Stonex and Forde did!”

Defense attorney Eric Larsen gave a concise, measured closing argument, getting the bored jury’s attention, warning them that even if they thought Shawna “probably” did it, the burden of proof was on the prosecution to prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In order to convict Shawna, he explained, the jury needed to accept the Prosecution's explanation for the evidence presented as the only possible one. 

He told them that the prosecution would rebut his arguments and cautioned them not to believe Unklesbay’s “flim-flam.”  When Larsen
pointed out the sloppy investigation done by the Sheriffs, the law officers sitting behind the defendant turned beet red.  Larsen cited specific evidence that should have been investigated but wasn't.  Fresh shoe prints were found at the crime scene; they were ignored. Other possible suspects, like Albert Gaxiola’s girlfriend, Gina Moraga, and Sandy Stroup, Oin Oakstar’s girlfriend (both of whom are MIA at time of trial), were not questioned, or even investigated.  The goal for the Pima County Sheriffs was to “get Shawna;” nothing else mattered. 

Judge Leonardo instructed the jury there is no need to assume Shawna Forde was present in the Flores home the nights of the murders in order to find her guilty.

Emphasizing the fact that there was no physical evidence against his client, he said, "[Shawna Forde is] a wraith, a ghost; she moves without leaving evidence."
Our source says there is no way anyone could convict Shawna after hearing this flimsy case.

"...ensuring the integrity of the trial process has never been a high political priority."

~ Wendy Kaminer, Victims Versus Suspects

"The spirit of freedom is the spirit of God."

~ Sheriff Richard Mack

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February 13, 2011

First Day of Trial

Special Report

February 9, 2011

News the MSM Hides:

The Truth About the Lies!

Sarah Schumacher, fiancée of star witness Oin Oakstar, disclosed yesterday that Oakstar’s motivation for testifying against Shawna Forde had nothing to do with the death of 10 year old Brisenia Flores.  She said he wanted to protect his own son, and that he didn’t want to enter prison as a known snitch.  Oakstar didn’t know Shawna Forde prior to the media reporting her arrest, and his decision was made in utter disregard of the fact that an innocent woman would suffer for nearly 2 years.  Oakstar told Schumacher that he and Albert Gaxiola had concocted the murder plot together in a bar on May 29, 2009.  According to Schumacher, Oakstar’s life was consumed by the lies he told.

February 8, 2011

Report: Hot from the Courthouse!

Spokesman John Lyon reports right after attending Shawna's trial in Tucson, AZ.  More to come as soon as information is available.

Listen Here

February 8, 2011

Latest Report on the Trial

Listen Here

Courtesy of Dutch Joens Radio Show

Entire broadcast February 7, 2022

February 5, 2011

The Duel of the Cell Phones

February 5, 2011

Dupnik's Bullies Sued!

Prisoner Abuse Continues

Shawna Forde exposed abuse in her complaints to the ACLU and the USDOJWhile her complaints were ignored, other prisoners suffered psychological abuse and physical brutality.  Inmate abuse is now institutionalized as the arrogance of guards is displayed in full view of video cameras recording every incident. Still nothing is done to protect the inmates.

February 4, 2011

Can Shawna Forde Get a Fair Trial in Tucson's Superheated Atmosphere?

February 2, 2011

Media Lies!  Twists Exculpatory DNA Evidence!

Yesterday DNA expert Scott Walton explained to the jury that DNA evidence is either inconclusive, suitable for exclusion, or identifiable. After he presented his certifiable findings from the Arivaca crime scene, Judge Leonardo asked the jury if they had any questions.  All were deathly silent.

more...Media Lies!

January 30, 2011

Judge Pulls "Kill" Switch!

Courtroom inaudible; witnesses' testimony goes unchallenged; writer is censored.

"Betty on the Border" talks with Texas Minuteman Shannon McGauley and Frank Jorge about Shawna's trial on TXMM Truth News.     LISTEN

January 30, 2011

Dupnik Starts Scare at Jail--Spreads to Prosecutor

Afraid Militia Will Try to Break Shawna Out

January 26, 2011

Surprise MIA Witness Called by Prosecution!  Defense Objects Vigorously!

Where will it ever end?  How many more surprise witnesses are being held back?  This is why we say this case is like a Ginsu knife commercial.  But wait--there's more!

To be contined...

January 25, 2011



Right before opening statements, Prosecutor Rick Unklesbay seemed uncertain of who he was going to call as a witness in the case against Shawna Forde.  A former witness sitting in the courtroom, who had been told they were “not needed” as a witness, was ejected from the courtroom before the trial even started.  We wonder if anyone knows just WHO will be called as a witness. Will the Prosecution just insert any old witness they want, will they bring up new witnesses?  This doesn’t bode well for a trial which is already unfair from the start.

January 24, 2011

Pima County Tea Party:


Protest Friday, January 28

January 23, 2011

Shawna’s Letter to Dysfunctional Relatives

In August 2010, Immigration Clearinghouse published a short paragraph from a letter Shawna Forde wrote to her estranged half-brother, Merrill Metzger and her estranged biological mother,  Rena Caudle.  She never knew who they were as a child, and spent her time in foster care, due to maternal abuse.  Shawna's family is her children, not these people.  Immigration Clearinghouse claimed her letter proved that Justice for Shawna Forde was lying when we said she had suffered torture and repeated violations of her rights while in jail as a pre-trial detainee.  The full letter was not posted.  There is a reason why.

When Shawna wrote that letter, she did so with the intention of showing how biased the left-wing media is, and with full knowledge that Metzger would “leak” it to the press.  We have the full text of the letter, and it is posted here
.  When you read it, you will know why Shawna did not grow up in this family, and why Immigration Clearinghouse withheld the most vital parts of it. 

January 16, 2011

Insider News Flash:  Desperate Pima County Detectives Make 11th Hour Visit to Prison Inmate in Washington State to  make a case against Shawna Forde;  They Were Rebuffed, and Returned Home with NOTHING!  Dupnik's noodles don't stick to the wall on this one, in spite of his persistent delusions.

January 17, 2011

Sheriff Dupnik Lies in Minuteman Case!

January 12, 2011

Meet the Hearsay Witnesses

Against Shawna Forde!

January 11, 2011

Prosecution Witness Merrill Metzger Threatens Laine Lawless and Shawna's Daughter!

January 11, 2011

Sheriff Dupnik Responsible for Giffords-Roll Massacre in Tucson!

Apparently, shooter Loughner has been making telephoned death threats to a variety of people for some time.  Pima County Sheriff's Office has had repeated contact with him and his victims.  Had Loughner been arrested for these threats, this massacre may not have occurred.  This massacre occurred because Loughner was mentally ill, and it was not a political act.  Even the Wall Street Journal finds fault with Dupnik's remarks: 

As sheriff, Dupnik knew, or should have known, that his claims about political "rhetoric" having played a role in the shooting were not supported, and perhaps were disproved, by the facts of the investigation. Of themselves, the statements that have made him a hero to some on the left constitute professional negligence.

Shawna Forde has stated she will not negotiate the conditions of her detention with Dupnik because he is a terrorist.  Does she know something the mainstream media is hiding from the public?

January 11, 2011

Laine Lawless on the Dutch Joens Show about the shooting and the effects on Shawna's Trial

Press Release

January 10, 2011

 Shawna Forde, a political prisoner of Sheriff Dupnik, Pima County Arizona, extends sincere condolences to the families and friends of the Americans who were slain and wounded in the Tucson-Gifford shootings. Let’s all pray for the survivors’ recovery.  No public or private person should suffer the violence directed to Gabrielle Giffords, her staff, and her supporters on Saturday, January 8.

The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde condemns Sheriff Dupnik’s hate-speak when he chooses to blame Americans who exercise their rights to free speech as conservatives.

Sheriff Dupnik, acting as a one-man vigilante, attacks American Constitutional guarantees, and Americans… Dupnik targets Minutemen, patriots, talk radio, conservatives, and anyone he brands as emotionally or mentally unbalanced. 

Sheriff Dupnik, no longer an impartial lawman, has violated his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We call for his immediate resignation! On the eve of Shawna Forde’s trial, Dupnik’s offensive, prejudicial, vitriolic and extremist hate-speak continues to ensure Forde will not get a fair trial in Pima County.

January 9, 2022

11 Reasons Why Shawna Forde Can't Get a Fair Trial in Pima County (Tucson)

  1. Pima County is a satellite of Mexico; Tucson is a sanctuary city.
  2. Sheriff Dupnik has stated he won’t enforce SB1070.
  3. Pro-illegal SEIU Local 1199 is embedded in Pima County government.
  4. Unfair treatment in jail as a pre-trial detainee is a perfect predictor of a prejudiced trial.
  5. Pima County sends more people, per capita,  to Death Row than any other county in the entire U.S.
  6. The serious error rate for death penalty cases is 79% in Arizona, while it is 67% in the rest of the U.S.
  7. Prosecutor and media are playing the race card, making this a white-against-brown issue to inflame and taint the jury pool.
  8. Government-media collusion ensures that the truth will never be told as long as the trial is held in Tucson.
  9. No matter how many hearsay witnesses are impeached by Forde’s defense team, the Prosecutor will always bring up more “prosecutor-vouched” hearsay witnesses.
  10. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik called Arizona a “mecca for bigotry” and blamed Conservatives, tea-party members, and talk radio for Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting, despite it actually being done by a left-wing nutter.
  11. Judge Leonardo rules the trial must go on, granting only a one week continuance, despite  the Giffords assassination attempt, mass murders, and a visit by Pres.Obama to Tucson, all of which will make it impossible for Forde to receive a fair trial.
To Be Continued...

Witness Exonerates Forde!

Gina Gonzalez, the surviving witness from the Arivaca massacre, has made statements for a year and a half which exonerate Shawna Forde.  See the excerpts from the 911 Tape transcript and the MediaRelease, 99% of which was hidden from the public by the mainstream media.  read more....

January 7, 2011

Committee to PCSO:  Arrest the Fourth Man Now!

The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde demands the Pima County Sheriff's Office arrest the "fourth man" in the Arivaca massacre immediately.   We urge Judge Leonardo to allow Forde's defense team adequate time to investigate this new suspect.

Laine Lawless live on Texas Minutemen Truth News! 

Tune in January 9 Sunday, 12:45 PM PST

Listen to the archive

Shawna on Patriots

Citizen-Reporter Laine
Lawless on the Radio!

Monday, January 3, 6-8 PM MST



Learn the truth about Shawna’s False Arrest and Political Prosecution!

Dutch Joens

November 10, 2010


Aired on European Union TV  November 3, 2010

See the trailer!

Justice for Shawna Gets Hits From All Over the World and all 50 United States!

Countries include: 

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia,Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam

December 3, 2010

Star Prosecution Witness Back in Jail; NO BAIL!

It appears Oin Oakstar has fallen off the wagon, violated his probation, and may be on his way to prison (again).  Is the railroad against Shawna Forde losing steam?

Oin Oakstar, a lifelong drug user, is suspected of using methamphetamine, and his probation officer wants his probation revoked.  A hearing is pending.  Since he's a flight risk, the Prosecutor has thrown him in jail.  He wants to make sure he's available to testify in Shawna Forde's trial.

Oakstar's past record isn't good.  See his Pre-Sentencing Reports from 2003 and 2010.  He was rated a "medium-high risk," and the probation department observed, "His unsuccessful completion of his one previous supervised probation grant raises questions about his ability to comply with probation conditions."

Shawna Forde Supporters on the Radio!

On Wednesday, November 10, Rob Sanchez of JobDestruction.info and Laine Lawless talked about Shawna’s case on Chuck WIlder’s Talkback show.  LISTEN HERE

October 30, 2010


According to Shawna, full shackles were removed from her recently, and she is free to be in her pod without wearing handcuffs and leg irons. 

Thanks to our Christian brothers and sisters at the AZ State Fair for this prayer: Your heavenly Father knows all your needs. His uncompromising word protects you.

October 27, 2010


October 31, 2010

Prosecutor Brakes The Press!
Government-Media Collusion Exposed

March 15, 2010

AUDIO Recorded March 10, 2010 on Joyce Rileys' The Power Hour Radio Show

October 17, 2010

Forde Backs Civilian Border Patrols

We forwarded this article to Shawna for her comments, and this is what she said:

“My hat’s off to those skilled Americans who choose to be the boots on the ground to assist in defending our American soil in spite of media mockery.  As a border operations leader, I assisted and trained many Border Patrol field officers and provided intelligence that they had no access to.  The media always want to play the race card, but there is one thing they haven’t considered:  Americans are sick of media claiming racism is a hidden agenda in doing what is right and securing our borders. Maintaining our sovereignty is more important than one’s political affiliations.  That is why after November 2, liberals will be history.”

September 26, 2010

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for "Junk
The Arizona Daily Star reports the Bush-Forde-Gaxiola trials will be the most expensive trials in the county's history, and are likely to cost up to $400,000 apiece.  Is the Star counting the money spent by the prosecutor?  The article only references $100,000 spent by each of the defense attorneys.  Is drug money funding these trials and the attorneys?

Why was Shawna Forde Busted?

In a June 6, 2009 email to Stephen Eichler and Jim Gilchrist of MMP, Shawna stated her purpose on the border:

I would like to let everyone know that we are in full operation--we have people coming from Florida and other parts of the country to assist in gathering exclusive footage of drug cartel drug smuggling and human trafficking.  We will expose and report what we know and find.

Eichler replied that he would send volunteers her way, and asked how many she wanted.   Shawna's goal was to EXPOSE the corruption associated with drug smuggling and human trafficking with documentary film footage. Both Pima County and the federal government had to bring her down before she could expose their corruption.  The truth is that Shawna was the one border watcher who was willing to "clean house," and who was unwilling to go along with business as usual.

August 5, 2010

New Feature!

Media Bilge and our Response to Their Lies


May 24, 2010

ACLU Bigotry!
Update on Forde Complaint

With only a 4 day turnaround, Dan Pochoda, AZ ACLU Legal Director, scrapped a White Racial Profiling complaint against Sheriff Dupnik.  The Pima County Sheriff’s round up of an innocent white Christian Conservative patriot is not considered racial profiling.

Illegal torture and civil rights violations against pre-trial detainees are nothing new from Pima County Jail and Sheriff Dupnik, who opposes the 1070 law.  Ten pages of brutal non-stop torture for 12 months are ignored and not to be dignified because…the new standard disregards the U.S. Constitution, the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions on POWs, and the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. 

Sources indicate a shocking toll of victims who have suffered and died in PCJ by torture.  Shawna valiantly and selflessly took a stand for the inmate holocaust victims who cannot speak.  Apparently Pochoda has taken all of this into account and has decided this complaint and long-standing abuses against the inmate holocaust victims is not worth pursuing.  (See letter here.)

ACLU's current lawsuit against SB1070 was criticized by AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, who said, "plaintiffs have failed to establish any real and immediate threat of harm and only speculate about future harm."

June 13, 2010

Bureaucratic Obfuscation Denies Shawna Medical Treatment!

After a frustrating year of NO MEDICAL TREATMENT, and no accommodation for her disabilities, Shawna thought the jail had finally agreed to allow  physical therapy for her hand.  They provided a brace made to hold heat packs which could be warmed in a microwave.  There were only 2 problems with that:  1) there is no microwave to heat them up in her pod; 2) she needs to go to medical to get heat packs for therapy, but she cannot go if another prisoner is there who is on Isolation status (Ad Seg 3) like her.

In Orwellian 1984-style, Dupnik provides a solution and a problem simultaneously, both  designed to completely obstruct any form of lawful medical treatment for the pre-trial detainee!  Shawna has not gotten any treatment for 3 weeks, as no guards will take her to medical.  Next step: here come the judge!

June 10, 2010


On Wednesday, June 8, Shawna Forde’s cell was literally torn apart by guards, because a certain La Raza CO claimed Shawna had pinched her Drivers License.  Which government agent manufactured this crisis for the purpose of subjecting Forde to even greater cruel and unusual punishments?

Pictures of Shawna’s children were torn apart, papers were ripped to shreds, and her few belongings and food were dumped on the floor and stomped on in an act of complete contempt.  Jail staff found nothing, not even the book, Cleopatra, which Ms. La Raza had stolen a week earlier from Shawna.  Despite there being NO PROOF of Shawna taking anything, she is deemed “a security risk.”  Her status is now so high that she must be put in handcuffs and leg irons every time she leaves her cell, even when visitors arrive to see her though the video.

Despite breaking no rules, she will be kept in chains and cuffs until the shadowy, 1984-style jail “security committee” meets and decides otherwise.  Since SB1070, Shawna has been taking major heat from some of the Hispanic guards at the jail;  and was targeted by the La Raza Supremists (LRS) working there for an extra large helping of hatred and terrorization, simply because she is white and supports SB1070.  Her chief inquisitor and other LRS working there have done their part to make Shawna fearful of reprisals, beatings, and more psy-ops.  What was Shawna’s transgression?  She asserted her right to safety, and told her captors that her legal team was checking up on all of them to make sure she was safe in their hands.

Memorial Day, May 30, 2010
First Anniversary of the Arivaca Massacre

While Arizona remembers our fallen heroes who have died for their country, this date marks another kind of tragedy in our state.   Innocent people have died, and those responsible for the crime have gone free.  Justice is not served; the dead are not vindicated.

June 2, 2010


There is absolutely no doubt that Shawna's outgoing mail is being read in violation of all prisoner's rights, reasonable security measures, and her First Amendment rights.  Another letter was recently received from Shawna 8 days after it was written.

Letters have repeatedly arrived 7-14 days after they were mailed, sometimes with much later postmarks than the date the letter was written, and often with NO POSTMARK.  This is quite odd when Tucson and Phoenix are only 90 miles apart and letters often arrive the next day after they are mailed, regardless of the city of origination.

Postal Inspectors know all about the mail tampering, too, and will investigate.  Imagine that--Pima County being in violation of Federal laws!

May 20, 2010

Shawna Forde Files Complaint with ACLU and US Dept. of Justice

"Massive Civil Rights Violations" are cited in the 7 page document from the pre-trial detainee.  Forde documented Sheriff Dupnik practices White Racial Profiling (WRP) in the Pima County Jail, and is in violation of the Civil Rights Act, Titles III and VI, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as violating all her Constitutional rights. Her numerous grievances were ignored by jail administration; deaf ears, blind eyes, and dim wits failed to address multiple and continuous violations. The ACLU/DOJ complaints are a last resort.  More to come...

May 17, 2010

MACHETE Madness Slashes White Arizona!

Film Director Rodriguez serves up a perfect example of WRP (White Racial Profiling) and negative stereotyping which starts with a threat to Arizona.  In a scene in his film, Minutemen are shooting illegal aliens on the border.  This is Mexican Marxist propaganda to incite La Raza against white Arizonans.  This film destroys any hope of justice in Shawna's case.  Machete pollutes any jury pool and must be banned in Arizona and nationwide. Machete was produced with taxpayer funds.

May 10, 2010

"If the Times Square bomber had been a white Christian Conservative, the media would not have tried to humanize him."

--Bernie Goldberg, author of Media Bias, on the O'Reilly Factor

May 11, 2010

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Brass Knuckles Obama on the Border!

 April 30, 2010

"America's Women are a Force to be Reckoned With!"  --CJSF

Shawna:  "I'm so proud of Governor Brewer!  She's doing a great job!"

April 28, 2010

Legalize Arizona

Send Them Home!


On Friday, April 23, 2010, Governor Jan Brewer signed into law SB1070.  When it goes into effect as planned 90 days after the end of this legislative session, it will be the toughest state law against illegal immigration in the country.  Any alien in the state of Arizona not in possession of proper documentation of legal status will be in violation of state law and subject to prosecution in Arizona Superior courts, regardless of whether or not Immigration and Customs Enforcement deigns to take any interest in the case. 


Hispanic groups have been lobbying aggressively against the bill, calling it racist.  At a rally at the Arizona state capital on Sunday, April 25, a number of protesters wore T-shirts with the slogan “Legalize Arizona.”    Many public figures, including the President of the United States, have condemned the law as “unfair.” 


Governor Brewer's decision to sign SB1070 followed within days of the murder of rancher Rob Krentz in southern Arizona.  He had gone to assist someone he thought was an illegal alien in distress, and was murdered by someone who subsequently fled across the Mexican border. 


Shawna Forde knew Krentz had a reputation for calling authorities when he saw drug traffickers crossing his land.  According to Shawna, the Krentz family land had a drug trail crossing it, and she said La Familia had told her that anyone who interfered with their business would be killed, whether they were media, law enforcement, or land owners.  Shawna says Krentz was targeted for assassination.  The illegal alien in distress may have been a ruse to lure the compassionate rancher to his death.  The murderer also killed Krentz' loyal dog companion. 


This most recent death of a law-abiding American at the hands of an illegal alien punctuates a very violent decade in Arizona history.  About ten years ago, Phoenix TV Channel 15 ran a series called “Our Broken Borders” dealing with the violence along the Arizona border with Mexico.  Since then, thousands of Mexicans have died in gang wars between drug cartels fighting for control of smuggling routes and markets in the United States.  On this side of the border, all too often we hear reports of the tortured, mutilated bodies of cartel murder victims turning up sometimes hundreds of miles inside our state.


It has been at least 6 years since the first reports of armed paramilitary infantry squads crossing the US-Mexico border, forcing US border patrol officers to retreat.  The use of military force by drug cartels to get their merchandise  across the border past our guards has resulted in no response by the US government.  Our agents are instructed to retreat when confronted by such squads.


The US Constitution obliges the federal government to protect each of the states from invasion.  Instead of fulfilling this responsibility, Washington, D.C., has stood idly by while our state has been overrun with criminals.  Pima County is already virtually a colony of Mexico within Arizona.  La Raza hate doctrines are being taught there at taxpayer expense to young people in high school.  We must act now, before the entire state is hopelessly lost. 



April 23, 2010

"Racial profiling is illegal."
--Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

March 26, 2010

Shawna on the Breakup of MCDC

March 20, 2010

"Star" Witness
Prosecutor Desperate

Shawna Forde's case is like a Ginsu Knife commercial;  just when you think you've gotten to the end..."but wait--there's MORE!" 

First it was the Bush confession,  then it was recanted.  Next, it was some non-specific stolen jewelry? 
But...there's more! 
Oin Oakstar, who was the first suspect, will testify against the defendants.  Oakstar fits the description of the shooter given by the surviving victim and was fingered by a witness who claims she knew who did it.

Oin Oakstar, AKA Oin Glenn Grove, according to court records, started using mind-altering substances at age 3, and had his first alcoholic drink at age 5.  He grew up in a "hippie family" where he was allowed to do whatever he wanted, with no restrictions.  He wasn’t loved enough by his biological father, his stepfather abused him, and he witnessed domestic violence between his mother and stepfather while growing up.  He made it as far as eighth grade before he dropped out.

Oakstar, 39 years old, admits to being a daily heroin user from the age of 14, and has fathered 4 children without having to pay any child support.  He has a history of assaulting law officers, is considered to be dangerous by them, and has served 2 terms in prison for possessing narcotics for sale, and for possessing deadly weapons.  Oakstar has violated probation, jumped bail, and is considered to be a “high risk” to re-offend.  

Pima County SWAT raided the home of Sandy Stroup, Oakstar's girlfriend, in Arivaca on May 30 and arrested Oakstar for being a felon in possession of deadly weapons.  If he had not agreed to turn state’s witness, he would have gone back to prison.  Avoiding prison time was a powerful motivation for him. 

Yet Pima County Prosecutor Barbara LaWall selected Oakstar as the lynchpin witness to make this case!  LaWall’s website boasts she has the highest trial rate of any Arizona Prosecutor.  LaWall will indict a ham sandwich! She takes cases all the way to trial, even when they should be dismissed.

It appears that in 2005 LaWall failed to know what was going on with her own staff, as County attorneys had knowledge of death threats against a prominent Tucson eye doctor, yet failed to call police, launch an investigation, or notify him.   Dr. Brian Stidham was brutally murdered, and his widow obtained a $2.3 million judgment against Pima County.   LaWall and her staff were only let off the hook as defendants by agreeing to settle the claim.

Take a look at the court records and see how justice is served: See the PDF here

Update May 1:  Prosecutor Rick Unklesbay RETIRES!  What does it mean?  Does he KNOW HOW FLIMSY the case against Shawna is?


"It is time to fire Janet Napolitano!"
~ Dr. Michael Savage

March 3, 2010

Update on Shawna's Condition
Tax Dollars Go Down The Crapper!

We just heard from Shawna today.  If the Lt. is no longer pissed at her eating disorder, she may get out of S Pod and have her property returned.  Reading glasses, case documents, and writing materials are necessary to prepare for her defense.

She reports being held with male inmates, one of whom has multiple personalities and another who is obsessed with his male organ.   

Remaining "stripped out," she is thankful for her BLANKET in the stark naked cell.  She wears only a skimpy Velcro-tagged smock which barely covers her torso, and the guys really dig it. 

Dupnik's male guards watch her strip naked, and they guard the crapper, too.  The cell toilet is right in front of a large window, keeping Shawna exposed at all times.

The monotony of S Pod is broken for only 30 minutes a day when Shawna gets to work on her case, between a shower, a phone call, and reading the mail which Dupnik delays. 

Attorney's Interview With French Journalist

February 21, 2010
Earlier this month, Shawna Forde's court-appointed Tucson attorney told a French journalist: 

"They have no evidence against her. No fingerprints, no DNA, nothing.  My client was not on the scene."

Given this  statement, we have to ask:

Why is Shawna still in jail?
Why is she being subjected to repeated violations of her rights?

February 20, 2010

Forde to Dupnik:  "I don't negotiate with terrorists!"

Shawna Forde, National Director of Minutemen American Defense, POW
in Dupnik's Dungeon

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

After a frustrating and fruitless 9 month attempt to force the jail to respect her civil rights, and provide adequate medical attention, Shawna Forde fired a broadside at Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Dungeon Master of Pima County Jail.  On February 18, she was taken out of the infirmary and told she was going to be given AS1 status, meaning she could get hot water (so that she could treat her injured arm with hot compresses), and experience the federally-mandated 30 minutes a day of outside yard time. 

Shawna ended up in H Pod, known as "the hole," where she has been kept for almost all of her time in the jail.  Dupnik reserves H Pod for prisoners who cause him problems, and has had all the cell windows blacked out for further physical punishment.  This is extreme sensory deprivation.
Shawna, a model inmate, was promised a better, less restrictive status and then was thrown in "the hole."  This is psychological abuse by mind control manipulators.

After just 2 days in H pod, Shawna was written up twice for talking to other detainees.  She counseled an inmate who was on the verge of being put on suicide watch, convincing her to resist repeated attempts by staff to make her act out.  Shawna is now back in the infirmary, and she is "stripped," meaning she is naked 24 hours a day in her cell.  Everything has been taken away from her, including writing materials and her reading glasses.  Without the ability to read and write, and to access the law library, Shawna is unable to participate in her own defense.  She is cut off from everything but the concrete floor and the bare metal bed. 

A winter chill has settled on Tucson. 
Deprived of even a blanket, Shawna is fighting hypothermia.  Her only source of warmth is a shower (if she gets one).   Shawna is only brought cold fluids which are difficult to drink when you are shivering.  After forcing them down, it takes her an hour to warm up again.  Typically, communication with the outside world is not allowed, further isolating Shawna from any form of emotional support.

The Lt. who is her "handler," attempted to further terrorize Shawna by telling her he was in charge of her and that  no medical staff would be allowed to intervene.  Dupnik prefers to keep female inmates naked for 12  brutal days, regardless of how cold it is. According to the Lt., Shawna will remain stripped naked indefinitely. Who the hell gave the Lt. the authority to treat any inmate with such contempt and degradation?  Shawna is still in solitary confinement and is forbidden to talk to anyone other than the guards.   Dupnik's Dungeon has to be the first torture chamber in a county jail reserved exclusively for American women.

Unfortunately, Shawna suffered a childhood trauma which subsequently manifested as anorexia. She has not had problems with this eating disorder for 24 years, but she has found that the sheer stress of her solitary confinement has exacerbated her condition.  "I feel like I'm being punished for having a disease," she said when we talked to her.  Despite being in the infirmary, Shawna has not been able to talk to a doctor.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department claims it has a "philosphy:"  It is the philosophy of the Pima County Sheriff's Department to maintain a detention facility that is not only humane and pro-active in its approach toward inmates, but also be an employer that has pride in our most important resource, our employees.  Dupnik lies!

Shawna is not convicted of any crime; she is in Dupnik's Dungeon because her credit card limit does not cover $1,000,000 for excessive bail.
Character assassinated by Dupnik, false arrested, indicted without  probable cause, this flimsy case is an uphill battle for the legal defense.  Can Shawna's attorneys recognize that the issue is racial profiling, and Shawna's only offense is being "blonde on the border?"

February 8, 2010

                 January 22, 2010 

January 13, 2010

January 20, 2010---Update

Minuteman Down at Jail Hospital!

On January 7, Shawna Forde was removed from her solitary confinement cell in H pod and taken to the jail infirmary for unknown reasons.  The Committee had lost touch with her only a week before, and discovered this by noticing her location on the jail roster had changed.  We were concerned because when a high-risk prisoner changes their "flying pattern," it's always a red flag, and went into crisis mode.

Two attempts to visit her were denied, and we did not know why.  Her attorneys were only made aware of her hospitalization after we told them about it.  A letter written January 7 with an explanation by her was received a week late on January 15.  Who was responsible for delaying its delivery?

We have since been in touch with Shawna, who has told us that her medical issues are private and that she is not, in fact, protesting anything (which is not the same as liking the conditions).  She says the infirmary staff is giving her the best care possible under the very restrictive circumstances placed on her as an AS3 prisoner.  She is still being denied hot water for compresses to treat her injured arm.  She refuses to specify what conditions are being treated.  We ask all supporters to continue to write to her and to pray for her recovery. --CJSF

December 30, 2009
We Get Mail

I am grateful for your service and dedication as a citizen-reporter in exposing the concealed truths of this case.  Your website is above and beyond anything being disclosed in the mainstream media; it is warm, it is personable, it is packed with facts.  I have to agree with recent news opinions that DHS Secretary Napolitano is “an idiot.”  She is gunning for Americans who protect and defend the US Constitution, and while terror incidents are on the rise, all she can say is, “the system is working well.”  Shawna Forde’s case is a trial test balloon set off by Janet Napolitano, who despises real women who are fighting for their country and for American values.  Shawna blazed new trails for women on the border.


Name Withheld

December 28, 2009

Petite, Pretty and Innocent


Judge John Leonardo overrules defense attorneys’ objections!  On December 21, 2009 a probable cause hearing was held to determine if the circumstances of the crime justify asking for the death penalty.  All 3 defense attorneys, fiercely maintaining their clients’ innocence, opposed Leonardo’s ruling.  They objected that the terms laid down for the death penalty had not been satisfied. 


"There is no evidence against my client." ~ Shawna Forde's defense attorney

Detective Juan Carlos Navarro, the State’s only witness questioned, played Bush’s recanted confession like a banjo player with palsy.  The confession fiction and victims' facts were badly scrambled, and just didn't fit.  When this happens in a courtroom, this is a red flag for deception.  Did Bush’s early confession (89 pages) take just as long to marshal as it took Pima County Detectives to squeeze out? 


The Soviet-style reporting by local media can't make the case, either.  The surviving victim can’t identify the perpetrators; yet, an Arivaca woman, Felicia Reese, says she knows who did it…a short, fat white woman.  America’s sweetheart patriot, incarcerated for a crime she did not commit, is petite and pretty.

Mexican Drug Cartel Hit List

Ramos & Compean
Shawna Forde ($250,000)
Richard Cramer

What's Happening on Our Border?

“Our nation’s southern border is now run by Mexican drug cartels.”

Jeffrey T. Kuhner, Washington Times Writer

"Border security is and should be a booming business." 

Chris Simcox, former President, MCDC

"Washington has yet to understand the magnitude of this invasion. Not only are there people coming across the border by the millions, but there are billions of dollars of drugs flowing across our borders. These drugs are drugging-up and dumbing-down our children. By default, Washington is committing treason against every U.S. Citizen.”

Jim Gilchrist - President Minuteman Project, Inc.

"It's a war."

Mexican President Felipe Calderon

"Drug cartels are taking over police forces, they are taking over governments, but the killing continues."

Charles Bowden, Tucson writer in National Geographic's Narco State, 12/13/2009


Why Is Shawna Still In Solitary Confinement?


She’s been well behaved.  She’s followed all the rules.  All she’s asked for is to be treated like any other prisoner.  So why is Shawna still in isolation? 

We had it all wrong—it wasn’t a problem with the majority latina population—it was a Corrections Officer who has it in for her, and who, according to reliable sources, wants the other prisoners to either kill her or at least give her a severe beating!  Pima County Jail can’t trust its own employees to keep Shawna safe! 

C.O. Pseudonym is the problem.  And with her, it’s personal, as other prisoners have heard her talking about how she was having an affair with J. R. Flores, the man who was murdered in Arivaca.  She’s referred to their relationship openly in front of prisoners.  

After her first 5½ weeks in the “hole,” Shawna was transferred to Q pod, which was General Population.  When she was there, C.O. Pseudonym pointed her out to a group of Hispanic prisoners and said, “There’s the racist!”  She also called her a white supremacist and claimed that she had killed Mexicans.  Shawna ignored what she had said and continued helping another prisoner study for her GED.  About a half hour later, Pseudonym came over and demanded Shawna cut her fingernails.  Shawna thought this was odd, but she complied. 

A bit later, when it was time for lockdown, some of the women were asking Pseudonym if they would get “pre-disc” (pre-disciplinary, i.e. “the hole)” and promising to “beat [Shawna’s] ass” if they could do it without getting punished.  Looking at Shawna, they made fists and said, “Better P.C. out (ask for Protective Custody), bitch!” 

Five minutes before the door was due to unlock, Shawna’s cellmates covered the microphones in the cell and told her that Pseudonym had ordered between 12-20 prisoners to jump her.  They told her to go to Protective Custody, because they didn’t want to attack her.  Shawna confronted Pseudonym about this and ascertained her guilt when Pseudonym’ face turned beet red. 

Shawna had a court appearance in 5 days, and didn’t want to appear black and blue, so she decided to return to Protective Custody.  She subsequently learned from other prisoners that Pseudonym had gone to R pod and ordered 6 women to jump her if she wound up in a cell there. 

Several prisoners turned in grievances against Pseudonym over this incident, and there are records.  Sources indicate Pseudonym was heard stating how angry she was that the prisoners did not comply.  Pseudonym got back at some prisoners who were unreceptive to her demands by throwing them in Isolation where Shawna was.  

Darlene Perez was put in Isolation after Pseudonym assaulted her in front of TV cameras and witnesses.  Some sort of “investigation” was conducted, and Perez went back to General Population, but Pseudonym is still working at the jail.  The incident was reported to Lisa Sacco of the Internal Affairs department, but it is unknown if any action has been taken. 

Is Shawna being punished for refusing to be beaten by mostly unwilling prisoners who were being manipulated by a Corrections Officer with an ax to grind?  Now Shawna has to wear a special uniform with black and white stripes to make her STAND OUT from the other prisoners (thus compromising her safety), and the windows in her cell have been blacked out so that she can’t see any light and no one can see in.  Whenever she passes another prisoner in the hall, they have to turn and face the wall, neither speaking to her nor looking at her.  Shawna is allowed to talk to no one but the CO’s.  Is this equal treatment, or is it cruel and unusual punishment before trial? 

Here's a message to PCSO--don't treat women political activists any differently than your other prisoners!  We want justice for Shawna Forde! 


Here’s Looking at YOU, Kid! 

Seeing who is watching the website is an endless source of fascination.  We have gotten hits from the FBI, the State Department, and the House of Representatives, as well as other ISPs in Washington, DC.

Here is a list of our frequent attenders

Arizona State Legislature
City of Tucson in Sahuarita
Everett, Washington
Kingman, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Pima County
Pima County Sheriff’s Office
Red Bluff, CA
Sandpoint, ID
Shasta, CA
St. Louis, MO
Tucson newspapers (Hi, Tim and Kim!)


And of course, we have received hits from all over the United States.

And our very special guest:

The Southern Poverty Law Center

We expect to see a slanderous article appearing soon!

"We've got to get rid of this website, Justice for Shawna Forde.  If people are reading it, they might start believing it."  --$PLC Reader Comment

Shawna's Attorney Drops
A Bombshell!

November 24, 2009

A Pima County judge yesterday allowed the possibility of severing Jason Bush's trial from those of Shawna Forde and Albert Gaxiola, but did not allow Forde and Gaxiola to be tried separately from each other.

Forde's and Gaxiola's attorneys believe separate trials are needed because it would be impossible for a jury to believe one of the defendants "without excluding the defense" of the other.

According to court documents, Shawna's attorney Eric Larsen said if Gaxiola points the finger at Forde, she would want to tell jurors about Gaxiola's drug ties and convictions.

She also would point out a friend of Gaxiola's who has not been charged in this case,  who "most fits the description" of the man who was seen with Gaxiola "scouting the victims' residence."

Larsen also said text messages were sent that morning saying the "competition" was gone and "cops on scene, stay low." The text messages were sent from a phone Forde said she could prove was "associated" with Gaxiola and in the possession of one of the home invaders, Larsen wrote in his motion. 

Even if Gaxiola and Forde's defenses aren't "mutually exclusive," the trials should be separate because Gaxiola would probably want to "inflame the passions" of the jury by telling them about Forde's association with the border defense movement, Larsen said.

Full story



September 26, 2009

The Wild West Radio Show


It was all about bullets on the border last night.  Christie of Truthbrigade Radio hosted an intense show which erupted into a shouting match between Christie, the guest from this website, and the callers.


Everyone was shouting and screaming about what happened in Arivaca, who was in Arivaca, those who have disappeared, and who was really there.  Once the dissention reached a climax, a consensus was reached on two points:


  1. Involvement by The Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) is suspected;
  2. Regardless of the trial outcome, there were other suspects involved.  Infiltrators come, and infiltrators go.


Shawna’s representative presented shocking facts ignored by the media, and referred to the case as a real “shake and bake.”  Maybe there are errors or omissions in the Pima County Sheriff’s reports, but one thing is for sure:  Jason Bush, in all the 150 pages of the police reports, is not mentioned anywhere.  However, Shawna Forde was mentioned just once in the report when she refused to sign her fingerprint card.  There is a real big hole here.


Chuck Stonex, (the man who wants to “come clean”), a former Shawna pal, phoned in.  Chuck added more to his version of what happened and changed the story again.  Chuck signed in to the Truthbrigade Chat forum and keyed in that he has been going to AA for 20 years! He’s really coming clean.


In the meantime, the website hit counter went off the charts yesterday with visits from Pima County Sheriff’s Office, the US State Department, and even Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  As of October 9 there are 2,700,000 “Hate” links for Shawna Forde and this website, many cloned from the SPLC.  A lot of people are talking.


Apparently there are people who know what happened that night, and there is rumbling from South of the border.  The real killers must be brought to justice.  The Shawna hotline is open for tips on the crime:  520-344-0413.


Shawna’s legal team believes in her innocence, and so do we.

Shawna Forde is a Minutewoman

She is being punished before her trial 

The media has received its marching orders regarding what to write about her case, and it's all negative.  This entire case has "set-up" written all over it.  We believe in Shawna's innocence and have created this website to support her and to let the public know how she is doing and how we can help her.

--The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde (CJSF)

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Shawna Forde, National Director
Minutemen American Defense, on American Sovereignty--LISTEN

Shawna has now been TORTURED in Coercive Solitary Confinement for 563 Days! She has spent 4 months of it "Stripped Out!" From June 10 through October, she's been shackled and chained, hand and foot, every time she leaves her cell!  Why?  Because she's a Minuteman!
New Shawna Forde Documentary!
 A cycle of fences from Sebastien Wielemans on Vimeo.

This Website Is A Solitary-Watcher 

Shawna at the Sasabe Border Crossing

Shawna Cares About The Safety Of Women

In this clip from "A Cycle of Fences," courtesy of Belgian videographer Sebastien Wielemans, Shawna Forde, the first American woman to publicly oppose violent crime and exploitation of women on the border, explains a rape tree on the Arizona-Mexico border.

More About Rape Trees


Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist at the
American Border Patrol Hangar
in Hereford

Joey Sapp, JD on the Arizona War Zone and Shawna's Trial

Shawna Speaking  in Phoenix, AZ

Map Reading at the Border Fence


Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist at the Patriots' Border Alliance

Shawna with Al Rodriguez of
You Don't Speak for Me